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Ever felt that frustration of locking yourself out of your own home? How about worrying that those locks at your business office are not just enough?


Prepare to drive these worries away with Omaha Locksmith to help you out. We specialize in a wide range of locksmith services, helping customers address their many security concerns.


If you need help, just dial (402) 951-9490 to contact Omaha Locksmith! We will be there right away!



We can send out a licensed locksmith to your location somewhere in Omaha in just around 20 minutes after we receive your call. You’ll be assured of only getting reputable and top quality locksmith services from us.


We have licensed and bonded locksmiths to service our customers to ensure that they get not only the best service available but also one that they can trust and rely on. We also back up our services with a 90-day guarantee.


Call Omaha Locksmith now at (402) 951-9490 for the best security solutions in Omaha!

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Omaha Locksmith benefits:


  • 20 Minutes Response
  • 24 / 7 availability
  • Low Rates!



Call us now at (402) 951-9490!


Omaha Locksmith, serving the Omaha metro 24 hours a day!

  • FAQs:

    What is lock bumping? Should I be concerned?

    Lock bumping is a lock picking technique using a specially made "bump" key. Pin tumbler locks are often susceptible to this technique. You can protect your home or business by upgrading your lock cylinders.

    I have my car locked. What should I do?

    Remember not to panic when you have car locked. You always have our reliable car locksmiths at Omaha Locksmith to go to your car and unlock it in minutes. There’s only one number to call whenever you have your car locked - (402) 951-9490!

    I need a locksmith here in Omaha. What number should I dial?

    If you want a locksmith that you can really depend on here in Omaha, then you should call Omaha Locksmith. Talk to our pleasant representatives at (402) 951-9490. They will send you a locksmith ready to solve it in minutes!

    Is it safe to rekey a lock?

    Professional locksmiths always see to it that it is safe to rekey a lock. Here in Omaha Locksmith, we do this by making sure your old key won’t work on your lock again. We use advanced tools and equipment when we rekey a lock.

    What company can give me cheap auto locksmith service?

    Omaha Locksmith is the company you should call when you are looking for cheap auto locksmith services. We provide locksmith services that fit your needs and your budget. Anytime you need cheap auto locksmith services here in CITY, simply call us at (402) 951-9490!

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